10 most intimidating football stadiums world

With a crowd of 102,455 screaming Volunteer fans, you can be sure of two things: (1) the color orange will be permanently burned into your retinas and (2) you will never get "Rocky Top" out of your head.

When you step into "The Swamp" you can see why it is on the list.

Unfortunately, due to its bowl design, it's unable to adequately 'hold in sound' because it has nothing to bounce off and the sound dissipates into the air above.

Nevertheless, almost 110,000 people screaming at the same time is sure to be loud.

What is commonly known to Celtic supporters as "Parkhead" or "Paradise" is rarely not filled to capacity.Just ask any of the 73,786 Arkansas fans that watched their Razorbacks during the final moments of the 34-30 win against Ole Miss on October 15, 2016.Known for its "White Out" themed games, the Penn State Zombie Nation wear white clothes to make it look like a blizzard is about to blow over.The fans are regarded as some of the best in the world, and even Andres Iniesta said, “I have played many games for Spain/Barca but I’ve never heard fans like celtic, they were amazing, not quiet for a single second.” 8- Allianz Area- Munich Germany One of the coolest, most modern-looking stadiums in the World, Allianz Arena opened just 9 years ago and hosted the 2012 Champions League Final, matches at the 2006 World Cup, and is home to both Bayern Munich and 1860 Munich.Fans enjoy being much closer to the pitch and it is the only stadium in Europe that can change colors on its exterior.

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In fact every continent other than Antarctica makes an appearance on the list. Even nations countries like the USA and Australia — where football hasn't traditionally been hugely popular but is growing in appeal — landed in the top ten.

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