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He lives across the road and we both have windows the size of walls – it’s a window into two worlds.

He tends to walk around his flat in tiny white boxers.

This muscly bro, with his bro mates, is giving me serious shag-based vibes. Sometimes, Dom Top and his flatmate do lunges in their boxers while I’m writing, facing the factory-style windows of my flat and straight into the derelict-chic ones of his place.

Sometimes, they stand together at the 6ft-high window, arms propped on the frame, their other hand cupped around their own balls watching people, like a lighthouse keeper with desires.

I'd prefer either the ball was welded, or it was interchangeable with larger ones.

Slip it in and attach it to your favourite restraints.

This steel hook works in beautifully with intricate shibari rope bondage.

I'm amazed by how much fun something so simple offers :) It can used anally or vaginally.

Used vaginally for masturbation, it allows a thorough exploration of parts that other sex toys don't really reach, really good for finding those sensitive spots.

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