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The reality star's Instagram posting spree may have caught fans by surprise, but sources told E!

Paris also said Kim Kardashian looked "gorgeous" as a blonde in her birthday shoutout to Hilton.

She captioned a different image with the hashtag "#My Valentine" while sharing another that showed Zylka, 31, holding her hand and resting his head against hers.

Paris Hilton reveals she voted for Donald Trump The duo was also seen arriving together at the Los Angeles International Airport on Sunday, once again holding hands.

After several years, Thomas decided that he had little interest in making a career as a performing musician.

In a 1998 interview, he stated "I realized that being in a band you were dependent on all these other people, and I also knew that if I'd ever been successful in a band, I would've wanted to stay in the studio and just make the records; I wasn't that interested in playing live." Looking to break into production, Thomas wrote to Beatles producer George Martin seeking work and in 1967 was employed as an assistant by AIR, an independent production company which had been founded by Martin and three other EMI producers.

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(2007) People are always surprised that I'm not bouncing off the walls and that I'm not goofy, and crazy, and that sort of thing.

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