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I even made sure to include the fact that I was sober in my bio, thinking it would keep anyone from messaging me and asking me to grab a drink. Out of the bazillion people using Tinder, I found ONE other sober person (one who was open about it, at least). Long story short, he went back to using, dropping me in the process, and I faced a long road of nursing a shattered heart, knowing that finding another sober person on Tinder was a long shot. Then I met my current boyfriend, and even though he isn’t sober, all is right with the world again. I’ll admit, I was also thinking that maybe it would inspire a young, sober guy to message me.

This includes those in recovery and those that have never had a problem and simply choose to live a clean and sober life.

Our site here at Sober Singles Date is for ANYONE choosing to live a clean and sober lifestyle or who basically just doesn't drink and prefers to date others of same.

However our members who ARE in 12 Step Programs can still have the option in our Advanced Search feature to search for other members by their 12 Step Program.

We have been successful in migrating over 50,000 sober singles from our sister site at 12Step as well as new members joining daily.

I am thrilled to have you join us at our NEW sober dating site for sober singles with EXCITING new features no other sober dating site offers including Text Chat and Video Chat!

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New users are signing up every day, every hour, every minute. While we strive to find everyone a match, and we do our best to help, ultimately it's up to you to make the connection. I don't know your story, but maybe you want someone to tell it to? Whatever that reason is, I sincerely hope I can help.

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