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After wiping out half of my closet and donating it to charity, I’m starting anew and think about clothing in a totally different way.If you’re considering starting a capsule wardrobe of your own, here are a few tips to help get you started: So often we find ourselves holding onto articles of clothing that haven’t been worn in ages – or ever.But there was one gal who was the VP’s assistant Read More...I must admit this post is a little selfish as I’m hoping it will inspire me as I pack for my vacation in Vegas.Whatever the dating situation, having a good “going out date” outfit to turn to will help you enjoy and focus on your date Read More...

The emotion of it all is enough without adding on the worry about what to wear!Further sculpt your look by contrasting the roughly finished signet ring, with highly polished shoes and turquoise wallet.Pack your countryside essentials and take a day trip with your date.Minimalism has made its footprint in the fashion world along with the rise of the capsule wardrobe. Take one scroll through Instagram and you’re sure to see clean, bright images with one main focal point, exemplifying the minimalist aesthetic.Capsule wardrobes are seasonal clothing collections that contain less than 30 versatile pieces.

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