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“Because I saw somebody smarter than I am had a piece of tape over their camera.” Comey’s argument is that an obsession with privacy hurts law enforcement efforts, but he also revealed he understands why people are taking measures to protect themselves. According to NPR, during his speech Comey also argued that tech companies should not look to make devices that are “unhackable” by law enforcement agencies.

By that time, the comet was high enough to observe and image. I have both a "Visual" view image and an "Enhanced" view image. 3-21-04 - The last night at Spring trip to Fort Mc Kavett.All by myself with bats flying around my head, I obtain this shot of Jupiter.I tried to process this shot with the goal of how it actually appears visually (less processing) through my scope with excellent seeing conditions. Seeing was good (7/10) but shooting through a persistant cloud (transparency 5/10) that just seem to hang over my house was challenging. 1-19-04 - This is probably the highest resolution of Saturn to date for me.Even though the government used legal action to try and force Apple to help in unlocking the i Phone, when Apple refused, the FBI later announced that it had found a way to successfully break into the i Phone.“I saw something in the news, so I copied it.I put a piece of tape — I have obviously a laptop, personal laptop — I put a piece of tape over the camera,” Comey said during his talk.

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