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In a lot of ways it is a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation. For special events, such as the woman’s anniversary, her birthday, holiday dinners, or even just to spontaneously celebrate her achievements—like being hired for a new job or getting into graduate school, for example—the guy should offer to pay.If a guy doesn’t offer to pay they aren’t deemed ungentlemanly. And its just as confusing on the other side of the aisle for women—it sure is nice to be taken out to dinner, but in the post-feminist era, shouldn’t we be going Dutch? When the Woman Should Pay: If the woman is the one that asked the guy out, she should pay.According to the eighteenth edition of Emily Post’s the rule is “for a first date at least, the person who asks should pay unless both parties agree in advance to share expenses.” But in the age of Tinder, who can be considered the initiator? Looking for some clarification, I posed the question to the staff over coffee, hoping my fellow editors could share their own thoughts on paying for dinner on a date.Due to the candidness of their answers, their names have been kept confidential for fear of freaking out future first dates.If you’re still striving to impress, and you’re happy to pay on these dates then by all means do so.However, if you’re not comfortable with forking out, sensible dating advice would be to suggest that you pay half each once the first date is out of the way.The “reach”More than half of the staff agreed, you should always reach inside your bag once the check arrives—even if you don’t intend to pay.

Does my taste in salt-and-pepper-haired, Ph D-wielding generous old farts make every interaction an act of prostitution? Both men and women should bear in mind the other's ability to contribute.

Should I always insist on principle that I contribute fairly?

That's not because he's a man but because it's polite.

But think carefully about whether she is simply making a nominal offer and is secretly impressed by your chivalry in picking up the tab.

It’s not unusual for both parties to feel embarrassed about bringing up who pays at this early stage, so don’t feel taken aback if it hasn’t come up in conversation.

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