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Fellow Centre Party politician Kimmo Tiilikainen, who serves as Minister of the Environment, Energy and Housing tweeted in English: "I am so sad on behalf of American friends who worked hard for the Paris Agreement. In a separate Finnish-only tweet he said that "America has never been so small".

Reached in St Petersburg by Yle on Friday morning, Tiilikainen repeated that comment and added that "of course [the US pullout] will weaken the effectiveness of the agreement.

IN REAL LIFE: privet - hello, hi poka - good bye, bye kak dela - how are you che delaesh - what are you doing za zdorovie (use when you drink VODKA) - for health ti debil ebanij cyka - you're a bad person IN CS: GO: pomogaite mne sharahovci ebanie - please help me cyka opyat proebal - oh, lost again ebanie polyaki opyat v time zaebali - Polish players are the best (no offense in Poland, I love you) ti govorish po russki cyka - you're talking in russian?

day drop dolbaeb - give me drop please pojaluista davai mne info (in CS: GO) - please give me info IN A RESTAURANT: dajte vodki 50 gramm - please, fifty grams of vodka cyka huli tak dorogo blyat - here is a very expensive menu hey blyat oficiant ebanie idi suda - waiter, can you please?

nihuya sebe tut pivo - here is very expensive beer mojet poedem ko mne film posmotrim?

(man proposes sex girl) - can go to me, the film look?

But Savage said President Obama’s right-wing critics didn’t apply that rule to Michelle Obama.

President Sauli Niinistö on Thursday morning tweeted a link to his May 5 blog post entitled "The Arctic dilemma – the economy or the environment?

“ I’m not alone in loathing Donald Trump’s third wife — she’s married to a misogynist after all.

Since then, there have been tougher laws restricting pollution in the Baltic and decades of volunteer efforts, said Lokki.

He recalled that some conservationists distributed pig carcasses on islands to help the eagles survive through difficult winters.

She’s an immigrant who doesn’t give a s— about the plight of other immigrants. And she’s brought ruinous lawsuits against journalists and bloggers accusing them of among other things, potentially interfering with her ability to profit off her role as first lady.” Also Read: Melania Trump Escort Claims Cost Her Millions, Lawsuit Claims Melania Trump’s legal team has successfully targeted reporters who have made baseless suggestions that she worked as an escort years ago.

Last month, a New York Times reporter apologized for calling her “a hooker.” People of all political stripes have argued in in the past that presidents’ families should be off-limits in the criticisms of their policies.

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