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The lowest is the life-force humans share with the animal kingdom, and this enters a person at conception.

However, the Godly soul, the spark of life which sets mankind apart from the animals, enters only on the 40th day from conception.

She might believe you and then feel bad when you don’t.

I’ll be coming in several times over the next few days with various people.

(Source: "Assiah" by R' Yehudah Henkin, [XV 3-4 59-60, Iyar 5657]; see also "Mahrsha" Brachos, 3a, s.v.

"Mishmarah.") There is also a Kabbalistic notion, based on the Zohar, that whenever a husband and wife have relations properly and in the proper time, it metaphysically results in a child and brings down a worthy soul from Heaven.

This discrepancy is based on the fact that there are multiple levels to the human soul.Love is a double-edged sword, it can take you over could nine and drag you down to what feels like hell in the same day.When you’re not only in love, but in a relationship, both the negative and positive emotions you both have are intensified at least tri-fold. Try not to get so worked up in yourself that you forget your partner has wants and needs too. Communication is a big part of keeping a lasting relationship and if neither one of you will open up and let the other one know what’s going on, you’re never going to get anywhere emotionally that either one or both of you want to get. Even if you know you’re better at something than your partner, don’t rub it in. Putting down your lover can make them feel rejected, insulted, and in many cases offended. Love is a complicated game we play, and while there are no exact rules there are some things that affect almost everybody in the same ways.Everyone loves to be in love, but no one loves the downfalls that come with being in love. Both sides in a relationship can be doing something wrong, but it is not your partner’s responsibility to make sure you know when you’re the one in the wrong. Both men and women are guilty of this, and it brings the end to relationships all the time. If everyone would actually listen to the love and relationship advice they get, the lovers and spouses of the world would be much better for it.And it’s hard to take when things don’t exactly work out the way you expected them to. Also, if you are fighting all the time, figure out the real reasons and decide if they are relationship-breaking or not. If you want a happy relationship, there is no reason for you to let the responsibility of effort lie on the shoulders of your partner.

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