Updating security procedures and scheduling security audits

You can base auditing on individual actions, such as the type of SQL statement executed, or on combinations of data that can include the user name, application, time, and so on.

You can audit both successful and failed activities.

By enabling auditing by default, you can generate an audit record for audit and compliance personnel.

Be selective with auditing and ensure that it meets your business compliance needs.

Documentation integrity involves the accuracy of the complete health record.

It encompasses information governance, patient identification, authorship validation, amendments and record corrections as well as auditing the record for documentation validity when submitting reimbursement claims.

Researches & reviews potential software and or systems, analyze applicability for company's use and provide recommendations.

This practice brief provides guidance for maintaining documentation integrity while using automated EHR functions.

This enables you to monitor business operations, and find any activities that may deviate from company policy.

Doing so translates into tightly controlled access to your database and the application software, ensuring that patches are applied on schedule and preventing ad hoc changes.

Therefore, document everything and make it part of a security manual.

If you need a simple answer to the question, “Why is computer security necessary and important?

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