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I am also chairman of the RSGB's Propagation Studies Committee and produce the weekly HF propagation report for GB2RS.

When not playing radio I'm a professional journalist specialising in aerospace, science and technology and am also author of four RSGB books.

K3Y Event: This is a month long event in January, where volunteers use the special event call K3Y/* (* is 0-9, KH6, KL6, KP4). We will see how we have done by the end of the year. I have the QSO but the station has not or will not confirm it.

The ARRL also publishes propagation charts that show the best time of day.

Their November 2013 chart shows that the best time is between 16 UTC, which is noon to 8 PM.

Hams familiar with the fairly constant and predictable behavior of VHF and UHF are often bewildered by the seemly random behavior of long-range HF radio operation.

Beyond-the-horizon HF radio transmission is made possible by reflection and refraction of radio signals by the electrically-charged upper layers of the earth's atmosphere known as the ionosphere.

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