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There are even a good few w/ wife and kids in the home country who carry on w/ a girlfrfiend in the UAE.

I won't say that the pool is great, and I've lived in the UAE as a single woman at 26 and again when I was in my early 30s.

Liana Liston, an accountant based in Dubai, believes not.Despite Dubai being a city of modern amenities, tall towers and a population comprised largely of expatriates, rules for dating in Dubai are quite strict and should be followed by all those who choose to live in or visit the emirate.The city has a host of popular nightclubs and bars, which are popular venues for meeting people of all different nationalities.A number of single women in the UAe do date men from Arab countries, as they tend to have more flexibility when it comes to dating than their female counterparts. Some men in the region view western girlfriends as simply a place to sow their wild oats.am a patient and hardworking person, a good listener. i love kids and i enjoy hanging out with friends im a beautiful young lady, i like to look good always, i love myself and i love I'm very simple lady, living in a simple life. I usually spending my time working in office and home.

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